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> Why is this marked as done on with Wiki's todo list?

I assume you're referring to this item:

\dd is missing comments for several types of objects.  Comments are
not handled at all for some object types, and are handled by both \dd
and the individual backslash command for others. Consider a system
view like pg_comments to manage this mess.

What we did is modify psql so that all the backslash commands display
comments for their corresponding object types, at least when the +
modifier is used.  We then made \dd display comments for all object
types that lack their own backslash commands.  That seems like it
pretty much covers the todo item.

I initially thought that pg_comments could be used *by psql*, which
seemed to me a good argument in favor of its general utility.  When we
didn't end up doing it that way, the view got less appealing to me.
I'm still willing to add it if enough people say they want it, but so
far I think we've gotten about three votes between +0.25 and +0.50 and
a -1 from Tom.  Which is not really enough for me to feel like pulling
the trigger.

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