Pavel Stehule wrote:
>> The syntax error messages are still inadequate; all I can get is
>> 'syntax error at or near "%s"'.  They should be more detailed.
> this system is based on error messages that generates a plpgsql engine
> or bison engine. I can correct only a few percent from these messages
> :(
> internally I didn't wrote a compiler or plpgsql checker - this is just
> tool that can emit some plpgsql interpret subprocess - and when these
> subprocesses raises exceptions, then takes their messages.

I see.

>> I think that at least the documentation should be improved before
>> I am ready to set this as "ready for committer".
> please, can you send a correction to documentation or error messages?
> I am not able to write documentation

I'll give it a try.

Laurenz Albe

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