Hi Noah,

thanks for your feedback.

Il 20/11/11 14:05, Noah Misch ha scritto:
What about making ON UPDATE CASCADE an error?  That way, we can say that ARRAY
<action>  always applies to array elements, and plain<action>  always applies to
entire rows.

SET DEFAULT should now be fine to allow.  It's ARRAY SET DEFAULT, in your new
terminology, that wouldn't make sense.

I have tried to gather your ideas with Gianni's and come to a compromise, which I hope you can both agree on.

The reason why I would be inclined to leave CASCADE act on rows (rather than array elements as Gianni suggests) is for backward compatibility (people that are already using referential integrity based on array values). For the same reason, I am not sure whether we should raise an error on update, but will leave this for later.

So, here is a summary:

--------------- --------- ---------
               |   ON    |   ON    |
Action         | DELETE  | UPDATE  |
--------------- --------- ---------
CASCADE        |   Row   |  Error  |
SET NULL       |   Row   |   Row   |
SET DEFAULT    |   Row   |   Row   |
ARRAY CASCADE  | Element | Element |
ARRAY SET NULL | Element | Element |
NO ACTION      |    -    |    -    |
RESTRICT       |    -    |    -    |
--------------- --------- ---------

If that's fine with you guys, Marco and I will refactor the development based on these assumptions.


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