On -10/01/37 20:59, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

This is apparently an optimization bug in the compiler. If I turn
optimization off (CFLAGS=-O0) it goes away. Ick.

So at the moment I'm a bit blocked. I can't really file a bug because
compiler can't currently be used to build postgres, I don't have time to
construct a self-contained test case, and I don't want to commit
changes to
enable the compiler until the issue is solved.
If we're talking about adding support for a previously-unsupported
configuration, it seems to me that it would be fine to commit a patch
that made everything work, but for the compiler bug. We could refrain
from stating that we officially support that configuration until the
compiler bug is fixed, or even document the existence of the bug. We
can't be responsible for other people's broken code, but I don't
necessarily see that as a reason not to commit a prerequisite patch.
Otherwise, as you say, there's a chicken-and-egg problem, and who does
that help?

Yeah, fair enough. I'll work on that.

Definitely do this (and then file a bug report with the project). I've worked with both Kai and NightStrike from the MingW-W64 project to fix previous bugs, and as long as they can build the offending source themselves then they are very helpful and quick to respond.



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