Andrew Dunstan <> writes:
>>> Done and done (see
>>> <>).

>> Did you see Kai's update on the ticket? If this is the case, I know 
>> that we have seen similar bugs with PostGIS and the work-around has 
>> been to add -ffloat-store to the compiler flags for the affected files 
>> if that helps?

> Hmm. Yeah, if I remove -O0 and instead set CFLAGS to -ffloat-store the 
> error goes away.

Hmm, we have been bit by that recently elsewhere:;a=commitdiff;h=ff68b256a533b398e3420750f34d161aeee4e099

I suspect what you are looking at is not at all mingw-specific but will
soon start showing up on other x86 platforms.  I see from the bug report
that that's gcc 4.7.0, which hasn't made it into most distros yet but
surely will soon.

> So, would we want to use that just for this file, or for the whole build?

-ffloat-store is a brute force solution, I think, and would affect old
versions of gcc that don't exhibit any problems.  I would suggest
altering configure to see whether the compiler recognizes
-fexcess-precision=standard and adding that to CFLAGS if so.

                        regards, tom lane

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