On 12/04/2011 02:22 AM, Nikhil Sontakke wrote:

    Is it okay to modify an existing constraint to mark it as "only", even
    if it was originally inheritable?  This is not clear to me.  Maybe the
    safest course of action is to raise an error.  Or maybe I'm misreading
    what it does (because I haven't compiled it yet).

Hmmm, good question. IIRC, the patch will pass is_only as true only if it going to be a locally defined, non-inheritable constraint. So I went by the logic that since it was ok to merge and mark a constraint as locally defined, it should be ok to mark it non-inheritable from this moment on with that new local definition?

With this open question, this looks like it's back in Alvaro's hands again to me. This one started the CF as "Ready for Committer" and seems stalled there for now. I'm not going to touch its status, just pointing this fact out.

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