Tom Lane wrote:
Jay Levitt<>  writes:
[Posted at Andres's request]
TL;DR: Inserting and indexing cubes is slow and/or broken in various ways in
various builds.

1. In 9.1.2, inserting 10x rows takes 19x the time.
     - 9.1-HEAD and 9.2 "fix" this; it now slows down linearly
     - but: 10s>  8s>  5s!
     - but: comparing Ubuntu binary w/vanilla source build on virtual disks,
might not be significant

FWIW, I find it really hard to believe that there is any real difference
between 9.1.2 and 9.1 branch tip on this.  There have been no
significant changes in either the gist or contrib/cube code in that
branch.  I suspect you have a measurement issue there.

I suspect you're right, given that five runs in a row produced times from 7s to 10s. I just wanted to include it for completeness and in case it triggered any "a-ha" moments.

4. 9.1-HEAD never successfully indexes 10 million rows ("never" = at least
20 minutes on two runs; I will follow up in a few hours)

Works for me (see above), though it's slower than you might've expected.

So my pre-built 9.1.2 takes 434s, my source-built 9.2 takes 509s, and (probably both of our) 9.1-HEAD takes 1918s... is that something to worry about, and if so, are there any tests I can run to assist? That bug doesn't affect me personally, but y'know, community and all that. Also, I wonder if it's something like "9.2 got way faster doing X, but meanwhile, HEAD got way slower doing Y.", and this is a canary in the coal mine.


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