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> Actually, I think it made sense to simply do nothing if the buffer doesn't
> exist. The algorithm doesn't require that all the buffers must exist at all
> times. It is quite accidental that whenever we call
> gistRelocateBuildBuffersOnSpli**t(), the page must already have its
> buffer created (and as we found out, the assumption doesn't hold after a
> root split, anyway). Also, we talked earlier that it would be good to
> destroy buffers that become completely empty, to save memory. If we do
> that, we'd have to remove that check anyway.
> So, I think we should go with your original fix and simply do nothing in
> gistRelocateBuildBuffersOnSpli**t() if the page doesn't have a buffer.
> Moreover, if the page has a buffer but it's empty,
> gistRelocateBuildBuffersOnSpli**t() doesn't need to create buffers for
> the new sibling pages. In the final emptying phase, that's a waste of time,
> the buffers we create will never be used, and even before that I think it's
> better to create the buffers lazily.

I agree.

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