(2012/02/17 0:15), Albe Laurenz wrote:
> Shigeru Hanada wrote:
>> Thanks for the review.  Attached patches are revised version, though
>> only fdw_helper_v5.patch is unchanged.
> Two questions:
> - Is it on purpose that you can specify all SSL client options
>    except "sslcompression"?

No, just an oversight.  Good catch.

> - Since a rescan is done by rewinding the cursor, is it necessary
>    to have any other remote isolation level than READ COMMITED?
>    There is only one query issued per transaction.

If multiple foreign tables on a foreign server is used in a local query,
multiple queries are executed in a remote transaction.  So IMO isolation
levels are useful even if remote query is executed only once.

Shigeru Hanada

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