On 02/18/2012 02:25 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
Do we have volunteers that might save Tom from taking on this task?
It's not something that requires too much knowledge and experience of
PostgreSQL, so is an easier task for a newcomer.
Sure, it doesn't require knowledge of PG, but I dare say there aren't
very many newcomers who are going to walk in knowing how to manage
complex regex code..  I haven't seen too many who can update gram.y,
much less make our regex code handle Unicode better.  I'm all for
getting other people to help with the code, of course, but I wouldn't
hold my breath and leave existing bugs open on the hopes that someone's
gonna show up.

Indeed, the number of people in the community who can hit the ground running with this is probably vanishingly small, sadly. (I haven't touched any formal DFA/NFA code in a couple of decades.)



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