I did a google search, and found the following:

Which states that Tcl uses the same library from Henry.  Maybe someone
involved with that project would help explain the library?  Also I noticed
at the url above is a few ports people did from Henry's code.  I didn't
download and analyze their code, but maybe they have made some comments
that could help, or maybe have some improvements to the code..

Just a thought.. :)

Billy Earney

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 5:42 PM, Tom Lane <> wrote:

> Brendan Jurd <> writes:
> > Are you far enough into the backrefs bug that you'd prefer to see it
> > through, or would you like me to pick it up?
> Actually, what I've been doing today is a brain dump.  This code is
> never going to be maintainable by anybody except its original author
> without some internals documentation, so I've been trying to write
> some based on what I've managed to reverse-engineer so far.  It's
> not very complete, but I do have some words about the DFA/NFA stuff,
> which I will probably revise and fill in some more as I work on the
> backref fix, because that's where that bug lives.  I have also got
> a bunch of text about the colormap management code, which I think
> is interesting right now because that is what we are going to have
> to fix if we want decent performance for Unicode \w and related
> classes (cf the other current -hackers thread about regexes).
> I was hoping to prevail on you to pick that part up as your first
> project.  I will commit what I've got in a few minutes --- look
> for src/backend/regex/README in that commit.  I encourage you to
> add to that file as you figure stuff out.  We could stand to upgrade
> a lot of the code comments too, of course, but I think a narrative
> description is pretty useful before diving into code.
>                        regards, tom lane
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