Florian Weimer <fwei...@bfk.de> writes:

> * Alex Shulgin:
>> Yeah, this is really appealing, however how do you tell if the part
>> after the last slash is a socket directory name or a dbname?  E.g:
>> psql postgres:///path/to/different/socket/dir        (default dbname)
>> psql postgres:///path/to/different/socket/dir/other  (dbname=other ?)
> The HTTP precent is to probe the file system until you find something.
> Most HTTP servers have something similar to the PATH_INFO variable which
> captures trailing path segments.
> It's ugly, but it's standard practice, and seems better than a separate
> -d parameter (which sort of defeats the purpose of URIs).

Hm, do you see anything what's wrong with "?dbname=other" if you don't
like a separate -d?


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