Is there anything that I could be doing to help bring this patch
closer to a committable state? I'm thinking of the tests in particular
- do you suppose it's acceptable to commit them more or less as-is?

The standard for testing contrib modules seems to be a bit different,
as there is a number of other cases where an impedance mistmatch with
pg_regress necessitates doing things differently. So, the sepgsql
tests, which I understand are mainly to test the environment that the
module is being built for rather than the code itself, are written as
a shellscript than uses various selinux tools. There is also a Perl
script that uses DBD::Pg to benchmark intarray, for example.

Now that we have a defacto standard python driver, something that we
didn't have a couple of years ago, it probably isn't terribly
unreasonable to keep the tests in Python. They'll still probably need
some level of clean-up, to cut back on some of the tests that are
redundant. Some of the tests are merely fuzz tests, which are perhaps
a bit questionable.

Peter Geoghegan
PostgreSQL Development, 24x7 Support, Training and Services

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