Alex Shulgin wrote:
Jay Levitt<>  writes:
(A quick Google shows redmine and especially Trac having spam issues
of their own.)

Ugh, redmine (or trac for that matters) has nothing to with handling
spam.  I believe a typical bug tracker doesn't handle spam itself, it
lets the mailing system do that.

Surely you can throw in some captcha plugins to try to reduce the spam
posted from the web UI.

Maybe I'm confused - Magnus et al, are we talking spammy issues/issue comments/etc, or are we talking more about exposed email addresses?

I assumed we meant spammy issues, like blog comments - spammers post issues and comments with links, to get PageRank to their sites. Email defenses wouldn't help here.

Captchas are fairly pointless nowadays, assuming you have someone dedicated enough to write a spambot against your bug tracker. Most of them (even reCAPTCHA!) can be >80% defeated by software - many 99% - and there are millions of humans hanging out on Mechanical Turk who'll solve them for you 100%. Modern anti-spam ends up being a machine learning and systems exercise.. but that's another mailing list :) I think Google gets more use out of reCAPTCHA for OCR tweaking than for anti-spam.


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