On 23 July 2012 16:09, Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> However, what this really boils down to is that you and Peter don't
> like this line of code:
> +               tss->buflen1 = TYPEALIGN(TEXTBUFLEN, len1);

I can only speak for myself, though I agree with your summary here.

> What would you like it to say instead?
> The obvious formulation is:
> while (len1 < tss->buflen1)
>     tss->buflen *= 2;

That's what I had in mind. +1.

> Or perhaps the following, which will normally be more efficient,
> though possibly not as efficient as what I've got there now:
> tss->buflen = 1 << ffs(len1);

I'm sorry, I don't follow you here. What is ffs() ?

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