On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 1:03 PM, Satoshi Nagayasu <sn...@uptime.jp> wrote:
>> The stringinfo thing has long been an annoyance to me.  libpq has
>> PQExpBuffer which is the exact same thing.  I don't like that we have
>> two implementations of that in two different code bases, and you have
>> to remember to spell it right depending on where you are.  I'm not
>> sure exactly what the best way to fix that is, but it sure is a pain
>> in the neck.
> Does it make sense to make some static library which can be
> referred from both the backend and several client utilities,
> including libpq? Or just a dynamic link be preferred?
> Despite I do not have a clear idea right now, is it time to
> start thinking of it?

IMHO, yes.  I'm not sure exactly what the right way to do it is, but I
think we need something along these lines.  We've got some pg_dump
code - in dumputils.c - that is also linked into other applications
such as psql, too, which is another pile of grottiness for which we
need a better solution.

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