I’ve discovered something a bit disturbing at $work. We’re migrating (slowly) 
from Oracle to PostgreSQL, and in some cases are using oracle_fdw to copy data 
over. Alas, there are a fair number of text values in the Oracle database that, 
although the database is UTF-8, are actually something else (CP1252 or Latin1). 
When we copy from an oracle_fdw foreign table into a PostgreSQL table, 
PostgreSQL does not complain, but ends up storing the mis-encoded strings, even 
though the database is UTF-8.

I assume that this is because the foreign table, as a table, is assumed by the 
system to have valid data, and therefor additional character encoding 
validation is skipped, yes?

If so, I’m wondering if it might be possible to add some sort of option to the 
CREATE FOREIGN TABLE statement to the effect that certain values should not be 
trusted to be in the encoding they say they are.

At any rate, I’m spending some quality time re-encoding bogus values I never 
expected to see in our systems. :-(



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