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> As the author I agree that this is a bug in oracle_fdw.

Thanks. Should I file a report somewhere?

> This was caused by ignorance on my part:  I had assumed that the
> type input functions would perform the necessary checks, but it
> seems like that is not the case.  I'll look into it.

Thank you!

> Oracle does not care much about correct encoding.
> If client character set and database character set are the same,
> Oracle does not bother to check the data.  This is probably how
> WINDOWS-1252 characters slipped into the UTF-8 database in question.
> I consider this a bug in Oracle, but never reported it, because
> I don't have much hope that Oracle would see it as a problem
> given their habitually sloppy handling of encoding issues.

Yeah, same here. I've been looking into write a function to try to fix 
poorly-encoded data, though, but haven't got far, because CONVERT() does not 
indicate failure. If you have any insight on this, I'd appreciate your thoughts 
on this Stack Overflow question:




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