Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> I'm specifically looking for C API documentation, along the lines of
> The current chapter on event triggers might as well be ripped out and
> folded into the CREATE EVENT TRIGGER reference page, because it explains
> nothing about programming those triggers.

I'm not sure about ripping it out, it does not sound like a good idea to
me. It needs some addition and C level examples yes. The plan was to
build a contrib module as an example, that would cancel any (supported)
command you try to run by means of ereport(ERROR, …);. Then add that in
pieces in the docs with details about what's going on.

While the commit fest was still running didn't look like the right time
to work on that. Beta looks like when to be working on that.

What do you think about the proposal here?

Dimitri Fontaine     PostgreSQL : Expertise, Formation et Support

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