Dimitri Fontaine escribió:
> Alvaro Herrera <alvhe...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
> > You can be as much silent as you want in marketing materials (though
> > maybe Berkus will disagree with you about being silent there), but it is
> > not admissible to be silent in the documentation or pretend the feature
> > is not there.  Whatever got committed, however small, needs to be
> > properly documented.
> Definitely, yes.
> The only questions in this thread are:
>   - only docs or docs + contrib example?
>     Tom said it's too late for the contrib example.

So there's already an answer to this question, isn't there.

>   - what about support for PLs other than C and PLpgSQL?
>     It used to be part of the patch, and I don't understand well enough
>     the development calendar to guess if I'm supposed to extract that
>     from earlier patch or if that's too late for 9.3. I'm not sure
>     what Peter's idea are wrt to the calendar here.

It seems far too late for more code at this stage.  IMO anyway.

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