Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> Well, if documentation had been available well before beta, other
> procedural languages might have gained support for event triggers.  If
> it's not being documented, it might not happen very soon.

It's been a moving target for the last two years, and until very
recently what to document was not clear enough to spend any time on
actually writing the docs.

Please also note that the first series of patches did include the
support code for all the core PL, but Robert didn't feel like commiting
that and no other commiter did step up.

I'm struggling to understand how to properly solve the problem here from
an organisation perspective. Before beta was not the good time for the
people involved, and was not the good time for other people to get
involved. Beta is not the good time to fix what couldn't be done before.

When are we supposed to work on the rough edges left when a patch went
through 8 commit fests and so many discussions that it's quite hard
indeed to step back and understand what's in and what's missing to make
it sensible for the release?

Maybe the right answer is to remove the documentation about event
triggers completely for 9.3 and tell the users about them later when we
have something else than just internal infrastructure.

Now, if it's ok to add support to others PL, I can cook a patch from the
bits I had done last year, the only work should be removing variables.

> It would have been good to have at least one untrusted language with
> event trigger support, so that you can hook in external auditing or
> logging systems.  With the existing PL/pgSQL support, the possible
> actions are a bit limited.

Well, you do realise that the only information you get passed down to
the event trigger code explicitely are the event name and the command
tag, and nothing else, right?

If you have a use case that requires any other information, then
documenting the event triggers will do nothing to help you implement it,
you will need to code in C and go look at the backend sources.

Dimitri Fontaine     PostgreSQL : Expertise, Formation et Support

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