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> I am not sure if Tom shared yet, but we are planning to package 9.3
> beta1 on April 29, with a release on May 2.  Those dates might change,
> but that is the current plan.  I have completed a draft 9.3 release
> notes, which you can view here:
>         http://momjian.us/pgsql_docs/release-9-3.html
> I will be working on polishing them for the next ten days, so any
> feedback, patches, or commits are welcome.  I still need to add lots of
> SGML markup

* Collect and use histograms of lower and upper bounds for range types
(Alexander Korotkov)

Actually, we also collect histogram of range lengths. Probably, we can
rephrase it more generally, like "Collect and use special statistics for
range types".

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Alexander Korotkov.

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