Bruce Momjian wrote:
> I am not sure if Tom shared yet, but we are planning to package 9.3
> beta1 on April 29, with a release on May 2.  Those dates might change,
> but that is the current plan.  I have completed a draft 9.3 release
> notes, which you can view here:
> I will be working on polishing them for the next ten days, so any
> feedback, patches, or commits are welcome.  I still need to add lots of
> SGML markup.

Can you please clarify the policy on attaching people's names to items?

This item
  Have DROP OWNED only remove user-matching GRANTs on shared objects, e.g.
  databases, tablespaces (Álvaro Herrera)
was a backpatched bugfix; I don't think it should be listed.

This item
  Throw an error if expiring tuple is again updated or deleted (Kevin
  Grittner) KEEP?

not only needs to be kept, but is also a backward-incompatible change,
so I think it warrants a more verbose explanation.

This item
  Improve the ability to detect indexable prefixes in regular
  expressions (Tom Lane)
I'm not really sure about it.  Isn't it about the new pg_trgm code to
support regex indexes?  I think they either belong together, or perhaps
the one in "optimizer" shouldn't be listed.

This item
  Implement a generic binary heap and use it for Merge-Append operations
  (Abhijit Menon-Sen)

A generic binary heap was implemented; but merge-append was already
using their own binary heap.  So this is not a performance optimization.
I think the item should be moved down to the "source code" section.

There's an extra double quote here:
  "Allow in-memory sorts to use their full memory allocation (Jeff Janes)

This item:
  Allow heap-only tuple updates on system tables (Andres Freund)
was a bug fix; item should be removed.

Shouldn't this one
  Add function to report the size of the GIN pending index insertion
  list (Fujii Masao)
be in the "additional modules" section?

In this item
  Add support to event triggers (Dimitri Fontaine, Tom Lane)
I am not sure why you list Tom.  I think Robert should be listed

In this this
  Internally store default foreign key matches (non-FULL, non-PARTIAL) as
  "simple" (Tom Lane)
there is something funny going on with & chars around unspecified.

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