On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 02:45:42PM +0400, Alexander Korotkov wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 9:02 AM, Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us> wrote:
>     I am not sure if Tom shared yet, but we are planning to package 9.3
>     beta1 on April 29, with a release on May 2.  Those dates might change,
>     but that is the current plan.  I have completed a draft 9.3 release
>     notes, which you can view here:
>             http://momjian.us/pgsql_docs/release-9-3.html
>     I will be working on polishing them for the next ten days, so any
>     feedback, patches, or commits are welcome.  I still need to add lots of
>     SGML markup
> * Collect and use histograms of lower and upper bounds for range types
> (Alexander Korotkov)
> Actually, we also collect histogram of range lengths. Probably, we can 
> rephrase
> it more generally, like "Collect and use special statistics for range types".

Done, thanks.

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