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On Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 06:39:09PM -0400, Greg Smith wrote:
> The WAL logging of hint bits is where the scary stuff to me for this  
> feature has always been at.  My gut feel is that doing that needed to  
> start being available as an option anyway.  Just this month we've had  
> two customer issues pop up where we had to look for block differences  
> between a master and a standby.  The security update forced some normal  
> update stragglers to where they now have the 9.1.6 index corruption fix,  
> and we're looking for cases where standby indexes might have been  
> corrupted by it.  In this case the comparisons can just avoid anything  
> but indexes, so hint bits are thankfully not involved.

B-tree indexes have hints; see callers of ItemIdMarkDead().

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