On 2013-04-30 18:39:09 -0400, Greg Smith wrote:
> The WAL logging of hint bits is where the scary stuff to me for this feature
> has always been at.  My gut feel is that doing that needed to start being
> available as an option anyway.  Just this month we've had two customer
> issues pop up where we had to look for block differences between a master
> and a standby.  The security update forced some normal update stragglers to
> where they now have the 9.1.6 index corruption fix, and we're looking for
> cases where standby indexes might have been corrupted by it.  In this case
> the comparisons can just avoid anything but indexes, so hint bits are
> thankfully not involved.
> But having false positives pop out of comparing a master and standby due to
> hint bits makes this sort of process much harder in general.  Being able to
> turn checksums on, and then compare more things between master and standby
> without expecting any block differences, that will make both routine quality
> auditing and forensics of broken clusters so much easier.

I don't think the current implementation helps you with that. We only
log the first hint bit set after a checkpoint, you will still get
inconsistent bits set after that. So you might have some fewer
inconsistencies but not enough to weed them out manually or such.
c.f. MarkBufferDirtyHint() and XLogSaveBufferForHint().


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