Tom Lane <> writes:
> Huh?  According to the comment, at least, we don't get here for a
> relocatable extension.  I don't see anything wrong with auto-creating
> the target schema for a non-relocatable extension.

I was not finding why I would trust the comment the other evening, hence
my proposal. I now see that parse_extension_control_file has this check:

        if (control->relocatable && control->schema != NULL)
                     errmsg("parameter \"schema\" cannot be specified when 
\"relocatable\" is true")));

So it's ok. I now wonder how do you install a relocatable extension with
schema = pg_catalog, which I assumed was possible when reading the code
the other day.

I feel like I'm missing something big for not reading the whole thread
in details. Will send the patch I just finished for some documentation
work, then have a more serious look. Sorry about sharing that much

Dimitri Fontaine     PostgreSQL : Expertise, Formation et Support

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