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> related to
> https://commitfest.postgresql.org/action/patch_view?id=1130
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/cabwtf4v9rsjibwe+87pk83mmm7acdrg7sz08rq-4qyme8jv...@mail.gmail.com
> * motivation: remove recursive procession of AND/OR list (hangs with
> 10062 and more subexpressions)
> * patch is short, clean and respect postgresql source code requirements
> * patch was applied cleanly without warnings
> * all regression tests was passed
> * I successfully evaluated expression with 100000 subexpressions
> * there is no significant slowdown
> possible improvements
> a = (A_Expr*) list_nth(pending, 0);
> a = (A_Expr*) linitial(pending);

I made that change, hesitantly. The comments above definition of linitial()
macro describe the confusion that API causes. I wanted to avoid that
confusion for new code, so I used the newer API which makes the intention
quite clear. But looking at that code closely, list_nth() causes at least 2
function calls, and that's pretty heavy compared to the linitiali() macro.

> not well comment
> should be -- "If the right branch is also an SAME condition, append it to
> the"

I moved that comment above the outer bock, so that the intention of the
whole do-while code block is described in one place.

I don't see any other issues, so after fixing comments this patch is
> ready for commit

Thanks for the review Pavel.

Attached is the updated patch, v4. It has the above edits, and a few code
improvements, like not repeating the (root_kind == AEPR_AND ? .. :  ..)
ternary expression.

Best regards,
Gurjeet Singh


EnterpriseDB Inc.

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