On 06/30/2013 02:54 PM, Fabien COELHO wrote:

Note about the POC patch limitations/questions:

 - is deriving a schedule with a piece of shell okay?
   or should perl/python/whatever scripting be better?

I would think all we need are the results, i.e. the schedule files, plus some Makefile entries for them.

 - the big_schedule is assumed "sequential", i.e. one test per line.
   maybe it could/should be parallel?

 - I'm not sure of the "parallel_schedule" and "big_schedule"
   file names are the best possible choices.

 - I'm really not sure about VPATH stuff.

This should be totally transparent to VPATH builds.

 - I do not understand why the makefile specifies $(srcdir) before
   local files in some places.

For VPATH builds :-)

 - should the "bigcheck" target be accessible from the project root?
   that is should "make bigcheck" from ../../.. work?

Yes, possibly, but it's not terribly important (for example, the buildfarm does "cd src/test/regress && make <testname>")



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