- I do not understand why the makefile specifies $(srcdir) before
   local files in some places.

For VPATH builds :-)

Here is a v2 which is more likely to work under VPATH.

diff --git a/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile b/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile
index 7309b00..5a6d0f9 100644
--- a/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile
+++ b/src/test/regress/GNUmakefile
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ regress_data_files = \
 	$(wildcard $(srcdir)/output/*.source) \
 	$(filter-out $(addprefix $(srcdir)/,$(input_files)),$(wildcard $(srcdir)/sql/*.sql)) \
 	$(wildcard $(srcdir)/data/*.data) \
-	$(srcdir)/parallel_schedule $(srcdir)/serial_schedule $(srcdir)/resultmap
+	$(srcdir)/parallel_schedule $(srcdir)/big_schedule $(srcdir)/resultmap
 install-tests: all install install-lib installdirs-tests
 	$(MAKE) -C $(top_builddir)/contrib/spi install
@@ -132,13 +132,33 @@ tablespace-setup:
 ## Run tests
+# derive schedules
+derived_schedules = serial_schedule parallel_big_schedule serial_big_schedule
+serial_schedule: parallel_schedule
+	echo '# this file is automatically generated, do not edit!' > $@
+	egrep '^(test|ignore):' $< | \
+	while read op list ; do \
+	  for test in $$list ; do \
+	    echo "$$op $$test" ; \
+	  done ; \
+	done >> $@
+parallel_big_schedule: parallel_schedule big_schedule
+	echo '# this file is automatically generated, do not edit!' > $@
+	cat $^ >> $@
+serial_big_schedule: serial_schedule big_schedule
+	echo '# this file is automatically generated, do not edit!' > $@
+	cat $^ >> $@
 check: all tablespace-setup
 	$(pg_regress_check) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/parallel_schedule $(MAXCONNOPT) $(TEMP_CONF) $(EXTRA_TESTS)
 installcheck: all tablespace-setup
-	$(pg_regress_installcheck) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/serial_schedule $(EXTRA_TESTS)
+	$(pg_regress_installcheck) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=./serial_schedule $(EXTRA_TESTS)
 installcheck-parallel: all tablespace-setup
 	$(pg_regress_installcheck) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/parallel_schedule $(MAXCONNOPT) $(EXTRA_TESTS)
@@ -152,11 +172,11 @@ runcheck: check
 runtest: installcheck
 runtest-parallel: installcheck-parallel
-bigtest: all tablespace-setup
-	$(pg_regress_installcheck) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/serial_schedule numeric_big
+bigtest: all tablespace-setup serial_big_schedule
+	$(pg_regress_installcheck) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=./serial_big_schedule
-bigcheck: all tablespace-setup
-	$(pg_regress_check) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=$(srcdir)/parallel_schedule $(MAXCONNOPT) numeric_big
+bigcheck: all tablespace-setup parallel_big_schedule
+	$(pg_regress_check) $(REGRESS_OPTS) --schedule=./parallel_big_schedule $(MAXCONNOPT)
@@ -166,7 +186,7 @@ bigcheck: all tablespace-setup
 clean distclean maintainer-clean: clean-lib
 # things built by `all' target
 	rm -f $(OBJS) refint$(DLSUFFIX) autoinc$(DLSUFFIX) dummy_seclabel$(DLSUFFIX)
-	rm -f pg_regress_main.o pg_regress.o pg_regress$(X)
+	rm -f pg_regress_main.o pg_regress.o pg_regress$(X) $(derived_schedules)
 # things created by various check targets
 	rm -f $(output_files) $(input_files)
 	rm -rf testtablespace
diff --git a/src/test/regress/big_schedule b/src/test/regress/big_schedule
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..4058499
--- /dev/null
+++ b/src/test/regress/big_schedule
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+# these are big tests not run by default
+# these test are expected serial, only put one test per line
+test: numeric_big
diff --git a/src/test/regress/serial_schedule b/src/test/regress/serial_schedule
deleted file mode 100644
index d6eaa7a..0000000
--- a/src/test/regress/serial_schedule
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,139 +0,0 @@
-# src/test/regress/serial_schedule
-# This should probably be in an order similar to parallel_schedule.
-test: tablespace
-test: boolean
-test: char
-test: name
-test: varchar
-test: text
-test: int2
-test: int4
-test: int8
-test: oid
-test: float4
-test: float8
-test: bit
-test: numeric
-test: txid
-test: uuid
-test: enum
-test: money
-test: rangetypes
-test: strings
-test: numerology
-test: point
-test: lseg
-test: box
-test: path
-test: polygon
-test: circle
-test: date
-test: time
-test: timetz
-test: timestamp
-test: timestamptz
-test: interval
-test: abstime
-test: reltime
-test: tinterval
-test: inet
-test: macaddr
-test: tstypes
-test: comments
-test: geometry
-test: horology
-test: regex
-test: oidjoins
-test: type_sanity
-test: opr_sanity
-test: insert
-test: create_function_1
-test: create_type
-test: create_table
-test: create_function_2
-test: copy
-test: copyselect
-test: create_misc
-test: create_operator
-test: create_index
-test: create_view
-test: create_aggregate
-test: create_function_3
-test: create_cast
-test: constraints
-test: triggers
-test: inherit
-test: create_table_like
-test: typed_table
-test: vacuum
-test: drop_if_exists
-test: updatable_views
-test: sanity_check
-test: errors
-test: select
-test: select_into
-test: select_distinct
-test: select_distinct_on
-test: select_implicit
-test: select_having
-test: subselect
-test: union
-test: case
-test: join
-test: aggregates
-test: transactions
-ignore: random
-test: random
-test: portals
-test: arrays
-test: btree_index
-test: hash_index
-test: update
-test: delete
-test: namespace
-test: prepared_xacts
-test: privileges
-test: security_label
-test: collate
-test: matview
-test: alter_generic
-test: misc
-test: psql
-test: rules
-test: event_trigger
-test: select_views
-test: portals_p2
-test: foreign_key
-test: cluster
-test: dependency
-test: guc
-test: bitmapops
-test: combocid
-test: tsearch
-test: tsdicts
-test: foreign_data
-test: window
-test: xmlmap
-test: functional_deps
-test: advisory_lock
-test: json
-test: plancache
-test: limit
-test: plpgsql
-test: copy2
-test: temp
-test: domain
-test: rangefuncs
-test: prepare
-test: without_oid
-test: conversion
-test: truncate
-test: alter_table
-test: sequence
-test: polymorphism
-test: rowtypes
-test: returning
-test: largeobject
-test: with
-test: xml
-test: stats
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