* Greg Smith (g...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> On 7/18/13 7:57 PM, Karol Trzcionka wrote:
> >Current head 4cbe3ac3e86790d05c569de4585e5075a62a9b41 -> patch applies
> >correct (only change needed in parallel_schedule).
> >However it fails on own regression tests (other tests pass).
> I got a rejected hunk in src/backend/nodes/nodeFuncs.c as well as
> that parallel_schedule issue.  Maybe you didn't get the nodeFuncs
> change but didn't notice that?  That might explain why the tests
> didn't work for you either.

The nodeFuncs.c hunk seems likely to have been impacted by the patch I
committed today (WITH CHECK OPTION), so I doubt that was the issue.

> Attached is an updated patch where I tried to only fix the two small
> hunks of bit rot.  I get "All 140 tests passed" here, on a Mac no
> less.

Thanks for updating the patch, I ran into the failed hunks too and
expected to have to deal with them. :)

> I did a brief code scan through the patch just to get a feel for how
> the feature is put together, and what you'd need to know for a
> deeper review.  

That would be extremely helpful..  Wasn't there a wiki page about this
feature which might also help?  Bigger question- is it correct for the
latest version of the patch?

> (I'm trying to get customer time approved to work on
> this a lot more)  The code was easier to follow than I expected.
> The way it completely avoids even getting into the security label
> integration yet seems like a successful design partitioning.  This
> isn't nearly as scary as the SEPostgres patches.  There are some
> useful looking utility functions that dump information about what's
> going on too.
> The bulk of the complexity is how the feature modifies query nodes
> to restrict what rows come through them.  Some familiarity with that
> part of the code is what you'd need to take on reviewing this in
> detail. That and a week of time to spend trudging through it.  If
> anyone is looking for an educational challenge on query execution,
> marching through all of these changes to validate they work as
> expected would do that.

I'm hoping to find time this weekend to look into this patch myself, but
the weekend is also filling up with other activities, so we'll see.



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