* Alvaro Herrera ( wrote:
> Tomas Vondra wrote:
> > Attached is the set of flow charts, showing the sequence of callbacks
> > for all the supported commands (i.e. SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE,
> > ANALYZE). Wouldn't it be useful to put something like this into the
> > docs? I mean, the FDW API is not going to get any simpler, and for me
> > this was a significant help.
> Please see this thread

The conclusion of that thread appears to be "use dia", which was done
here..  Am I missing something there (full disclosure- I haven't looked
at the dia yet)?

Also, for my part, I'd suggest putting it on the wiki initially anyway,
as then it can be seen directly (load it as a png or what-have-you) and
it becomes immediately available to users.  The .dia should also be on
the wiki, of course, and then included in the PG tree eventually if it's
added as part of the official docs.



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