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Thanks for newer version of the patch!

I found that the empty base directory is created and remains even
when the same directory is specified in both -D and --xlogdir and
error occurs.
I think that it's
better to throw an error in that case before creating any new
By creating the base directory only the patch finds whether provided
base and Xlog directories are same or not? To solve this problem
following options are possible

1. No problem as it is just an empty base directory, so it can be
reused in the next time
    Leave it as it is.
2. Once the error is identified, the base directory can be deleted.
3. write a new function to remove the parent references from the
provided path to identify
    the absolute path used for detecting base and Xlog directories are
same or not?
Please provide your suggestions.

+    xlogdir = get_absolute_path(xlog_dir);

xlog_dir must be an absolute path. ISTM we don't do the above. No?
It is required. As user can provide the path as
The provided path is considered as absolute path only but while
comparing the same With data directory path it will not match.
Okay, maybe I understand you. In order to know the real absolute path,
basically we need to create the directory specified in --xlogdir,
change the working directory to it and calculate the parent path.
You're worried about the cases as follows, for example.

* path containing ".." like /aaa/bbb/../ccc is specified in --xlogdir
* symbolic link is specified in --xlogdir

On the second thought, I'm thinking that it might be overkill to add
such not simple code for that small benefit.
I tried using of stat'ing in two directories, which is having a problem in 
So modified old approach to detect limited errors. Updated patch attached.
This will detect and throw an error in the following scenarios.
1. pg_basebackup -D /home/data --xlogdir=/home/data
2. pg_basebackup -D data --xlogdir=/home/data -- home is the CWD
3. pg_basebackup -D ../data --xlogdir=/data -- home is the CWD

Please let me know your suggestions.

Hari babu.

I don't think Postgres on other systems should be hobbled by the limitations of Microsoft software!

If certain features of Postgres are either not available, or are available in a reduced form on Microsoft platforms, then this should be documented - might provide subtle hints to upgrade to Linux.


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