on 20 November 2013 23:44 Gavin Flower wrote:
>On 20/11/13 23:43, Haribabu kommi wrote:

>>I tried using of stat'ing in two directories, which is having a problem in 

>>So modified old approach to detect limited errors. Updated patch attached.

>>This will detect and throw an error in the following scenarios.

>>1. pg_basebackup -D /home/data --xlogdir=/home/data

>>2. pg_basebackup -D data --xlogdir=/home/data -- home is the CWD

>>3. pg_basebackup -D ../data --xlogdir=/data -- home is the CWD

>I don't think Postgres on other systems should be hobbled by the limitations 
>of Microsoft software!
>If certain features of Postgres are either not available, or are available in 
>a reduced form on Microsoft platforms, then this should be documented - might 
>provide subtle hints to upgrade to Linux.

The patch which sent in earlier mail provides the detection of base and xlog 
directories are same or not
In both windows and linux with a different way of identifying the same without 
If other also agrees to add stat'ing then I will change the patch accordingly 
and document the behavior
Change for windows.

Hari babu.

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