> Everytime the server in HS mode allows connections ("consistent recovery state
> reached at ..." and "database system is ready to accept read only
> connections" in the log), the bug can be triggered. If there weren't too
> many transactions at that point, the problem won't occur until the
> standby is restarted.

Oh, so this doesn't just happen when the base backup is first taken;
*any* time the standby is restarted, it can happen. (!!!)

>> If someone is doing PITR based on a snapshot taken with pg_basebackup,
>> that will only trip this corruption bug if the user has hot_standby=on
>> in their config *while restoring*?  Or is it critical if they have
>> hot_standby=on while backing up?
> hot_standby=on only has an effect while starting up with a recovery.conf
> present. So, if you have an old base backup around and all WAL files,
> you can start from that.
> Does that answer your questsions?

Yeah, thanks.

If you have any ideas for how we'd write code to scan for this kind of
corruption, please post them.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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