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> OK, here is a patch which changes ABORT from NOTICE to WARNING, and SET
> from ERROR (which is new in 9.4) to WARNING.

I don't like that this patch changes RequireTransactionChain() from
actually requiring one, to a function that maybe requires a transaction
chain, and maybe it only complains about there not being one.  I mean,
it's like you had named the new throwError boolean as "notReally" or
something like that.  Also, the new comment paragraph is bad because it
explains who must pass true/false, instead of what's the effect of each
value (and let the callers choose which value to pass).

I would create a separate function to implement this, maybe
WarnUnlessInTransactionBlock() or something like that.  That would make
the patch a good deal smaller (because not changing existing callers).

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