Magnus Hagander wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 11:44 PM, Josh Berkus <> wrote:

> > Would certainly be nice.  Realistically, getting good automated
> > performace tests will require paying someone like Greg S., Mark or me
> > for 6 solid months to develop them, since worthwhile open source
> > performance test platforms currently don't exist.  That money has never
> > been available; maybe I should do a kickstarter.
> So in order to get *testing* we need to pay somebody. But to build a great
> database server, we can rely on volunteer efforts or sponsorship from
> companies who are interested in moving the project forward?

The reason for this is obvious.  You cannot just give the responsibility
of creating a good testing framework to any random guy you just found on
the internets.  It has to be an expert, you see.

> But sure - I'm all for trying a kickstarter. Did anybody ever try that
> for an actual postgres feature? Didn't JD and/or cmd and/or pgus at
> some point try something like that?

Hmm, I vaguely recall at CMD there was an attempt to work on a feature
paid via crowd-funding, but I don't recall if we got there or not.  In a
way, the foreign key locking patch was done that way, but it wasn't true
crowd-funding but multiple companies sponsoring (at least partly,
because we spent so much more on it than we initially thought we would).

Not quite the same thing, I guess; but then if you get several companies
to each put larger amounts of money than an individual would, I guess
your kickstarter might also succeed.

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