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It's *always* much easier to get money for features than for other
things.  Earlier this year I was really hoping that our new corporate
community members, who seemed to be interested in testing, would put
some serious resources behind this.  When pressed, however, they did
what everyone does -- pass and hope that someone else will pay for it.
Huawei staff at least did add a bunch of regression tests, which was
great, but it's a fraction of the work we need for a more comprehensive
testing infrastructure.  I got this pretty quickly when Andrew and I led
the session at the unconference.  Everybody wanted better testing, but
they all wanted someone else to foot the bill.


I have talked to many a customer and community member about various things like testing and the overwhelming response is: **crickets** .

It isn't hard to get someone to pay for something that has very little tangible return, such as a conference sponsorship, but to pay for something that helps the entire community? **crickets**

There are exceptions of course, but by and large that is my experience.


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