From: "David Johnston" <>
5. FATAL:  terminating walreceiver process due to administrator command
6. FATAL:  terminating background worker \"%s\" due to administrator
5 and 6: I don't fully understand when they would happen but likely fall
into the same "the DBA should know what is going on with their server and
confirm any startup/shutdown activity it is involved with".

They might be better categorized "NOTICE" level if they were in response to
a administrator action, versus in response to a crashed process, but even
for the user-initiated situation making sure they hit the log but using
FATAL is totally understandable and IMO desirable.

#5 is output when the DBA shuts down the replication standby server.
#6 is output when the DBA shuts down the server if he is using any custom background worker. These messages are always output. What I'm seeing as a problem is that FATAL messages are output in a normal situation, which worries the DBA, and those messages don't help the DBA with anything. They merely worry the DBA.


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