From: "Greg Stark" <>
On the client end the FATAL is pretty logical but in the logs it makes
it sound like the entire server died. Especially in this day of
multithreaded servers. I was suggesting that that was the origin of
the confusion here. Anyone who has seen these messages on the client
end many times might interpret them correctly in the server logs but
someone who has only been a DBA, not a database user might never have
seen them except in the server logs and without the context might not
realize that FATAL is a term of art peculiar to Postgres.

I think so, too.
My customers and colleagues, who are relatively new to PostgreSQL, asked like "Is this FATAL message a sign of some problem? What does it mean?" I think it's natural to show concern when finding FATAL messages. I find it unnatural for a normal administration operation to emit a FATAL message.


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