From: "David Johnston" <>
PITR/Failover is not generally that frequent an occurrence but I will agree
that these events are likely common during such.

Maybe PITR/Failover mode can output something in the logs to alleviate user
angst about these frequent events?  I'm doubting that a totally separate
mechanism can be used for this "mode" but instead of looking for things to
remove how about adding some additional coddling to the logs and the
beginning and end of the mode change?

Yes, those messages are not output frequently, because they are only output during planned or unplanned downtime. But frequency does not matter here. Imagine the DBA's heart. They need to perform maintenance or recovery operation in a hurry and wish to not encounter any trouble. They would panic if something goes trouble when he expects to see no trouble. The "FATAL" messages merely make him worried.

The extra FATAL messages can be a problem for support staff. What do you feel if the DBA asks you for help when some emergency trouble occurs during recovery, with a few important messages buried in lots of unnecessary FATAL ones?


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