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> 2013/12/8 Peter Eisentraut <pete...@gmx.net>
>> In my opinion, the idea of having a separate lint checker for a language
>> is antiquated.  If there are problems, they should be diagnosed at
>> compile time or run time.  You can add options about warning levels or
>> strictness if there are concerns about which diagnostics are
>> appropriate.
> There are two points, that should be solved
> a) introduction a dependency to other object in schema - now CREATE FUNCTION
> is fully independent on others
> b) slow start - if we check all paths on start, then start can be slower -
> and some functions should not work due dependency on temporary tables.
> I am thinking about possible marking a function by #option (we have same
> idea)
> some like
> #option check_on_first_start
> #option check_on_create
> #option check_newer

what exactly check_newer means, does it mean whenever a function is
replaced (changed)?

> But still I have no idea, how to push check without possible slowdown
> execution with code duplication

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