On 12/8/13 11:24 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
     > #option check_on_first_start
     > #option check_on_create
     > #option check_newer

    what exactly check_newer means, does it mean whenever a function is
    replaced (changed)?

no, it means, so request for check will be ignored ever - some functions cannot 
be deeply checked due using dynamic SQL or dynamic created data types - 
temporary tables created in functions.

So presumably it would be check_never, not check_newer... :) BTW, it's not 
terribly hard to work around the temp table issue; you just need to create the 
expected table in the session when you create the function. But even in this 
case, I think it would still be good to check what we can, like at least basic 
plpgsql syntax.

Do we really need first_start? ISTM that if you're dependent on run state then 
you're basically out of luck.
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