On 12/15/13, 12:59 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
    Why wouldn't we have a version that optionally accepts the timezone? That 
mirrors what you can currently do with a cast from text, and having to set the 
GUC if you need a different TZ would be a real PITA.

It is not bad idea.

What will be format for timezone in this case? Is a doble enough?

Sorry for not seeing this earlier, but no, I think double is barking up the 
wrong tree. It should accept the same timezone identifiers that the rest of the 
system does, like blah AT TIME ZONE foo and SET timezone = foo;

Specifically, it needs to support things like 'GMT' and 'CST6CDT'.

I can see an argument for another version that accepts numeric so if you want 
to do -11.5 you don't have to wrap it in quotes...
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