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> On 12/15/13, 12:59 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
>>     Why wouldn't we have a version that optionally accepts the timezone?
>> That mirrors what you can currently do with a cast from text, and having to
>> set the GUC if you need a different TZ would be a real PITA.
>> It is not bad idea.
>> What will be format for timezone in this case? Is a doble enough?
> Sorry for not seeing this earlier, but no, I think double is barking up
> the wrong tree. It should accept the same timezone identifiers that the
> rest of the system does, like blah AT TIME ZONE foo and SET timezone = foo;

I checked a code from datetime parser, and there we are not consistent

postgres=# select '1973-07-15 08:15:55.33+02'::timestamptz;
 1973-07-15 07:15:55.33+01
(1 row)

postgres=# select '1973-07-15 08:15:55.33+02.2'::timestamptz;
ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type timestamp with time zone: "1973-07-15
LINE 1: select '1973-07-15 08:15:55.33+02.2'::timestamptz;

It allows only integer

but AT TIME ZONE allows double (but decimal parts is ignored quietly)

postgres=# select make_time(10,20,30) at time zone '+10.2';

so I propose (and I implemented) a variant with int as time zone

and we can (if we would) implement next one with text as time zone



> Specifically, it needs to support things like 'GMT' and 'CST6CDT'.
> I can see an argument for another version that accepts numeric so if you
> want to do -11.5 you don't have to wrap it in quotes...
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