On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 9:03 PM, KONDO Mitsumasa
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> (2013/12/18 5:33), Robert Haas wrote:
>> Sounds like it might be worth dusting the patch off again...
> I'd like to request you to add all_index option and usage_count option.
> When all_index option is selected, all index become rewarm nevertheless user
> doesn't input relation name. And usage_count option adds usage_copunt in
> shared_buffers. Useful buffers will remain long and not to be thrown easly.
> I think these are easy to implements and useful. So please if you like.

Prewarming indexes is useful, but I don't think we need to complicate
the API for that.  With the version I just posted, you can simply do
something like this:

SELECT pg_prewarm(indexrelid) FROM pg_index WHERE indrelid =

I seriously doubt whether being able to set the usage count is actually useful.

Robert Haas
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