On 01/02/2014 04:08 AM, Robert Haas wrote:
I'm wondering whether the time should be stored inside the PlannedStmt
node instead of passing it around separately. One possible problem
with the way you've done things here is that, in the case of a
prepared statement, EXPLAIN ANALYZE will emit the time needed to call
GetCachedPlan(), even if that function didn't do any replanning.  Now
you could argue that this is the correct behavior, but I think there's
a decent argument that what we ought to show there is the amount of
time that was required to create the plan that we're displaying at the
time it was created, rather than the amount of time that was required
to figure out that we didn't need to replan.

Since we support re-planning of prepared statements I would argue the most useful thing is to print the time it took to fetch the old plan or the create a new one as the planning time, but I am not a heavy user of prepared statements.

Also, I am inclined to think we ought to update the examples, rather
than say this:

+    rewriting and parsing. We will not include this line in later examples in
+    this section.
+   </para>

Ok, I will fix this in the next version of the patch.

Andreas Karlsson

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