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On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 10:27 PM, Alvaro Herrera
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Hmm.  This seems like a reasonable thing to do, except that I would like
the "output" to always be the constant, and have some other way to
enable the clause or disable it.  With your "present" boolean:

"if_not_exists": {"output": "IF NOT EXISTS",
                   "present": true/false}

Why not:

"if_not_exists": true/false

Yeah, that's another option.  If we do this, though, the expansion
function would have to know that an "if_not_exist" element expands to IF
NOT EXISTS.  Maybe that's okay.  Right now, the expansion function is
pretty stupid, which is nice.

Yeah, the source side of this will always have to understand the nuances of 
every command; it'd be really nice to not burden the other side with that as 
well. The only downside I see is a larger JSON output, but meh.

Another advantage is if you really wanted to you could modify the output 
formatting in the JSON doc to do something radically different if so inclined...
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