Magnus Hagander <> writes:
> Using colon as the path separator is going to break on windows. The patch
> notices this and uses semicolon on Windows instead. Do we really want to go
> down that path - that means that everybody who writes any sorts of
> installation instructions including this will have to make them separate
> for different platforms. Shouldn't we just use semicolon on all platforms,
> for consistency?

Well, I've been considering that what I found already in the backend to
solve the same problem was a valid model to build against.

Pick any reasonnable choice you want to, fix dynamic_library_path along
the new lines or maybe ask me to, and then let's apply the same design
to the new GUC doing about exactly the same thing?

Tom Lane <> writes:
> Since I disagree with the goal of this patch in the first place, I'm

Should we remove dynamic_library_path? If not, why do we keep it?

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