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> Now it looks fine for me.

Just as another data point, I recently submitted pgTAP to the Homebrew project 
This is the build-from-source system for OS X, used by a lot of web developers. 
In my build script, I originally had

   depends_on :postgresql

Which means, “require any version of PostgreSQL.” But then tests failed on OS X 
Server, which includes a system-distributed PostgreSQL. Homebrew installs 
everything in /usr/local, and not only does it disallow installing anything 
outside of that directory, it doesn’t have any permissions to do so. The 
install failed, of course, because extensions want to install in 
$PGROOT/share/extensions. For now, I had to change it to

   depends_on 'postgresql'

A subtle difference that means, “require the latest version of the 
Homebrew-built PostgreSQL in /usr/local.”

However, if extension_control_path was supported, I could change it back to 
requiring any Postgres and install pgTAP somewhere under /usr/local, as 
required for Homebrew. Then all the user would have to do to use it with their 
preferred Postgres would be to set extension_control_path.

In other words, I am strongly in favor of this patch, as it gives distribution 
systems a lot more flexibility (for better and for worse) in determining where 
extensions should be installed.

My $0.02.



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